Three Vintage Vendors

Join us this evening at 656 Congress Street where we will be featuring the wares of three of our most popular vintage vendors: Ramona & Beatrice, Kitty Kitty Dang Dang, and Robert Barnes.

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Ramona & Beatrice was founded by sisters Jessica Russell and Elissa Gordon and named after sisters from their favorite series of children’s books by Beverly Cleary. They wanted to bring new life to old things and decided to concentrate their efforts on repurposed vintage. Their original product line featured pet beds made out of old suitcases, rings made of disassembled watch parts, typewriter keys, and scout pins, as well as necklaces fashioned from vintage bottle openers and skeleton keys. Jessica’s husband, Todd, joined the venture shortly thereafter, expanding Ramona & Beatrice to include records, turntables and stereo equipment.

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Kit Flynn of Kitty Kitty Dang Dang has been vintage shopping and collecting for years now. Kitty Kitty Dang Dang allows her to expand her collecting beyond what she personally needs and on to what others may need [ok, WANT]. As the daughter of an architect who admired Le Courbusier, Mies van der Rohe, and Frank Lloyd Wright while growing up surrounded by the small town southern style of the mid-to-late 60′s & early seventies, Kit has a bias toward mid-century modern design and furniture. Think Mad Men with a softer edge.

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Todd and Jessica Russell of Ramona & Beatrice and Kit Flynn of Kitty Kitty Dang Dang are not only vendors at The Merchant Company, but also became owners in the spring of 2012. They are excited to introduce one the most popular new vintage vendors at The Merchant Company, Robert Barnes. He has been a lifelong collector and is a valuable addition to the vintage section at the shop.

Stop in for a glass of wine as you browse our featured vendor’s finds tonight!

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