Welcome Back RE GO Lighting!

Any customers who have been missing the wonderful lighting designs of Michael Rego and his RE GO brand, will be happy to know he is back, with a vengeance. Brand new designs and tried & true favorites will be back in the shop beginning with our June First Friday event.

Screen shot 2013-11-12 at 9.54.30 PM

The RE GO brand is designed around RE purposing found and vintage objects and giving them another GO. Michael Rego thinks of lighting as fashion, something that can change the entire look of a room with a simple flip of a switch.

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He creates a variety of lighting that is simple and unique, from table lamps, sconces and chandeliers made from wood to string pendant lamps. He also makes a variety of lampshades from vintage wallpapers, fabric, silkscreen prints and patterns.

Samples of all of this work will be available at The Merchant Co. as well as special sale items! We hope to see you at our First Friday event.

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